Remediiate’s mission is to solve 2 of the world’s largest problems simultaneously.

We clean up the CO2 emissions from the world’s dirtiest polluters and we convert it high value animal and fish feed.

We do this with microalgae. We deploy patented proven technology to grow microalgae quicker and faster than nature.

As an animal feed ingredient supplier, our business model means Remediiate is paid by both the polluters and feed providers.

This is a multi-trillion-dollar market opportunity. We expect generate over 10 Million Tonnes of algae per year in year 5.

Brilliant circular economy!


                                                                 Wouldn’t you agree?

Our PLANET is dying. CO2 emissions are out of control. Doing NOTHING is not an option.

Emitters are facing rapidly escalating social, political,

environmental and regulatory pressures to ACT.


To meet current needs humans are OVER-fishing and OVER-farming. By 2025 global population will have increased by 2 billion mouths requiring a massive increase in new

sustainable sources of feed and proteins, food will be in short supply.

Most CO2 “negative emission technologies” currently being promoted (carbon capture and storage, direct air carbon capture etc.) are a new ‘cost’, require massive funding which

emitters will struggle to deploy quickly and at the scale needed to have an effect for ou children.

For billions-of-years Nature has been growing microalgae, using light to convert CO2, and Water - into Oxygen and Food.

Remediiate’s targets European emitters facing escalating emission charges on more than 5 billion tonnes of wasted CO2 to grow nutritional rich algae at industrial scale.

Remediiate will turn WASTE into profit by deploying a suite of proven, patented, photonic technologies able to convert every 2 tonnes of CO2 into 1 tonne of feed 100 times faster than



CapEx/OpEx of emission reduction we manage via long term feed supply chain contracts producing a recurring revenue stream.